Entrevues réalisées à UXPA 2015, San Diego

La conférence internationale UxPA 2015 avait lieu à San-Diego du 22 au 25 juin. Nous y étions et vous proposons quelques courts vidéos glanés ici et là avec des membres connus et moins connus de la communauté UX, tous avec une perspective et un propos sur les questions de notre métier et de notre industrie.

UXPA San Diego

Jennifer Romano-Bergstrom

UXPA & UX Researcher at Facebook

She is a User Experience (UX) Researcher at Facebook, where she work to improve privacy settings and the UX of Facebook in emerging markets. She specialize in eye tracking, usability testing, survey design, and UX for older adults and am the co-author of Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (2014) and Usability Testing for Survey Research (forthcoming, 2016).


(Entrevue par Alain Robillard-Bastien)

Patrice Lauriston

Interaction designer, Ticketmaster

His experience is mainly related to the development of casual gaming and e-commerce solutions, while his academic background has been primarily rooted in library and information sciences with an emphasis on information architecture.


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Jakob Nielsen, Ph. D.

Principal at Nielsen Norman Group

Co-founded company with three lines of business:  User experience consulting. Independent user research, resulting in published reports and usability guidelines for web design, intranet design, social media, and email newsletters. UX Conference produced in U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, supplemented with UX Certification. Most courses also available for in-house UX training.


(Entrevue par Pascale Morneau & Alain Robillard-Bastien))

Lyle Kantrovich

Customer Exprerience Professionnal

A Competitive Analysis is a great way UX teams can benchmark, generate ideas, learn about users, and stretch their thinking about design and UX strategy. A UX-centric competitive analysis is very different than what you’ll find outlined in any business book.


(Entrevue par Pascale Morneau)

Jon Innes

Founder, UX Innovation LLC

User experience specialist who helps companies identify UI (user interface) related requirements and create detailed product specifications—helping them create more useful and usable products, reduce development costs, and decrease time to market.


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Steve Krug

Consultant UX et auteur

Steve wrote a book called Don’t Make Me Think, and another one called Rocket Surgery Made Easy.

  1. He spends a lot of time thinking about usability testing.
  2. He spends a lot of time–too much, perhaps–watching movies from the 1930’s and 40’s.
  3. He’s spent a lot of time this year working on and thinking about online help (or User Assistance, as it’s called nowadays), of all things.

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