Boston’s journey to rethinking the public service experience

Boston’s new website, and associated new designs, launched in 2016 and it marked a pivotal shift in working for the digital public experience. There was a new team on the org chart, a « Digital » Team. What did all this mean for user experience and design thinking at the City? While the launch of the new has led to tremendous improvements, our work here is never done. Where are we now? Where has the new digital brand grown, and where has it stagnated? When can rebranding be a catalyst for change, and when is it not enough? What is the purpose of a modern design framework in public service? Come to learn, discuss, and reflect on this case study of the public service experience.

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Jeanethe Falvey

Jeanethe Falvey

Boston’s Chief Digital Officer

Jeanethe Falvey is Boston’s Chief Digital Officer, heading the team responsible for the look, feel, and function of and @CityofBoston social media. Jeanethe brings more than 10 years of experience in digital engagement strategy to the City. Prior to joining Boston in 2017, she served as the Director of Digital Strategy for National Geographic Society and led the creation of following the transition with National Geographic Partners.
Her start at the U.S. EPA, working with communities facing environmental damages and working on crisis communications for responses to local and regional emergencies such as Hurricane Sandy and Deepwater Horizon, shaped her deep, personal mission to improve the civic digital experience.


Tout le monde UX aimerait remercier ses partenaires qui rendent nos événements possibles: Valtech Canada, Havas Montréal, ErgoWeb, UX Recherche, READi Design Lab, Tink, Kryzalid, StratWeb Inc, Kaliop et Nventive.

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