Visual Design For Immediacy

Our everyday lives would have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago. Computers are everywhere, constantly connected, and have become an essential part of our world. However, the popularity of mobile devices with pocket-sized screens has created a trend toward minimal user interfaces that sometimes offer few visual cues to help us understand what they’re capable of. Even worse, we’re endlessly bombarded with visual distractions— stacks of reminders, likes and bouncing icons.

As designers, we aim to help users reach their goals quickly and efficiently, but have we lost something along the way? Could it be we’ve lost the immediacy and emotional impact that earlier, more physical interfaces had? In this talk, I’ll discuss how to use visual cues like color, motion, and context-sensitivity to help keep users in the moment and focused on their goals.


Conférence du 13 juin 2019 chez:
Autodesk Montréal!


Nick Dika

Nick Dika

Digital Product Designer

Nick Dika is a product designer who’s spent his career creating software for audio engineers and musicians. He started out in marketing at Cakewalk in the early aughts, but soon discovered his love for UX and interface design at iZotope. There he worked on industry-standard audio engineering tools including Ozone and RX, which won an Emmy award in 2013. In 2014 he went solo and released Photophore, an innovative synthesizer instrument for the iPad, which reached #1 in the Paid Music Apps category of the App Store.

Nick is currently Senior UI/UX Designer at Soundtoys in Burlington, Vermont where he’s contributed to TEC-Award-winning audio effects Little Plate, EchoBoy Jr. and the Soundtoys 5 collection.

When he’s not designing interfaces he’s probably either trying to talk himself out of buying another old Volvo, or deciding which section of Vermont’s Long Trail to hike with his wife and daughter this weekend.


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